Branching out

For some time, I've been gathering the gumption to put some real effort into a fine art career. I'm not saying I'll be putting in my notice at the regular job any time soon, but I'm at least looking at options and learning the ropes.

The first step I have taken is to create a separate website dedicated to my art. I will be maintaining my Cates Creative site for business, but all fine art inquiries and information will not go on

Back in the swing or swinging in a new direction.

Again, as so often happens in the life of an artist the call of the rent and bills and daily obligations grind slowly and painfully to a halt. At that point, the artist feels trapped in a box with no way out. I will now attempt to break down the walls that are blocking my creativity and hope to help others do the same.

Back in the swing...

So it's been a while, ok a LONG while, since I've made a blog entry. I've been busy with various projects and gotten sidetracked once again with paying the bills instead of being creative. I've had the main job, as well as various part time second jobs here and there, and I've moved from my home of the last five years into a smaller one, albeit in a much better area. As I sit here, looking at the pile of boxes that was once my home office/studio, I am fashioning a plan to declutter and condense my workspace to the things I do best. In an artistic sense, that is drawing.

My little flash stick figures

This semester at school, I'm taking a class called Time Based Media, which boils down to Flash animation. I've used Flash before, but I have always worked with photos and other already created media and assembled them in Flash rather than animating from scratch.

For my first assignment, we had to draw (by hand) a 3 second animation with stick figures. So I drew each and every keyframe to get this...

Turning Photos into Line Drawings

One of the steps I'm taking in creating The Dark Ones trailer is turning photos into line drawings. Ultimately, they'll be colored and shaded comic book style, but I have to start with the line drawings. I could do the "ink" manually, meaning on paper with actual ink, but I've opted to play around with some digital techniques.

Beginning "The Dark Ones" Trailer

At Lazie Horse, we've just launched the publishing division and released our first title, The Dark Ones by Demetrius O. Davis. Although I should have had the trailer done beforehand, not having a huge team of experts on staff makes things run a little differently, so I'm just now able to sit down and work on the trailer.

Paper Engineering at the Smithsonian

I'm sitting here in the Spark Lab at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History watching my son and his Cub Scout friends build things. We just saw Julia Child's kitchen and a wonderful exibit on Paper Engineering. It was a display of various styles and kinds of pop-up books. Some of them were standard pop-up books, but others were more elaborate carousels and panoramic shadow boxes. Suddenly I feel inspired. I think I want to construct something!

Lazie Horse Publishing Launch!

As the official marketing and design firm of The Lazie Horse Club, Inc., I am proud to announce that Lazie Horse Publishing is ready to launch and we're doing so with a party! This marks a huge milestone for Lazie Horse, as we've been in business for almost two years now, and we just keep growing. Not only are we launching a publishing division, but we're also forming a partnership with two local retailers in the Harrisburg area.

Lamy Shoes and Accent.Z Clothing will be partnering with Lazie Horse to mutually promote each other and grow business.

Putting that new trick to use...

Knowing cool tricks with software isn't the same as knowing how to apply them. In college, I was taught that you could always tell what a designer (web or graphic)had just learned because most designers flood their work with whatever latest trick they've picked up. Furthermore, the mark of a good designer is knowing when, how and where to use those thing appropriately.