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Philly Book Fest

The Philly Book Fest yesterday was great despite the pouring down rain. Book sales for Four Words weren't great, but we made some excellent contacts. In the interest of sharing information, I've put a list below of some of the blogs I read and some of the people I follow on Twitter. Hopefully, this is information that will be helpful.

Four Words - the scripts

First of all, I apologize if this entry has typos in it. I'm testing out posting to the blog on my Blackberry, which appears to be somewhat labor intensive on my thumbs.

Four Words Trailer Complete!

After a little more tweaking in the timing and on the audio file, I've completed the trailer. This has turned out to be a very exciting project for me. I still have a great deal to learn about After Effects, but I think I've managed to make a good start.

The final trailer came in at 50 seconds. Some changes I made between the draft (see last blog entry) and the final (below):

Four Words Trailer using Adobe After Effects

This week, I've been working on the trailer for Four Words. My original goal was to produce a 30 second trailer to promote the book. This was to include a short audio piece and a background score. The audio piece, which is a phone conversation, ended up being 44 seconds. Even after I edited the sound file and cut out the unneccessary pauses and such, it was still 29 seconds, so the entire trailer is coming out at 50 seconds.

First Blog Entry...Cates Creative Juices

So this is my first blog entry. People have been telling me for a long time now that I should write a blog, but my response was always, "What on Earth would I write about?" Suddenly, one day last came to me! Everyone always tells me that I have such a wide range of talents, interests, and skills, and that the way I learn new things is fascinating, so I've taken that aspect of "me" and decided to write about it.


Welcome to the Cates Creative Juices Blog!