Anatomical, technical and other types of drawings (both digital and hand drawn).

Crawdaddy's Restaurant - Harrisburg

Crawdaddy's Logo
  • Designed Website
  • Converted Logo to Vector Format
  • Redesigned Menus

Website design includes:

  • Background and footer designed with art diplayed in restaurant
  • Viewable and printable menus
  • Embedded interactive Google map for easy navigation to restaurant
  • Front page slideshow
  • Entertainment page with photos of past performances

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Angel Statue


The client saw a statue in a catalog that they liked, but didn't want a big, heavy sculpture. She commissioned a custom illustration of the statue to frame and put on the wall.

Complete Lazie Horse Brand Strategy

Lazie Horse Logo

The Lazie Horse Club, Inc. brand strategy consisted of creating the following:

  • Multiple logos for different subsidiaries
  • E-commerce website for the Lazie Horse Store
  • Website for the Lazie Horse Publishing division
  • Various marketing materials (print and digital)
  • Social Media management
  • Custom type face