Putting that new trick to use...

Knowing cool tricks with software isn't the same as knowing how to apply them. In college, I was taught that you could always tell what a designer (web or graphic)had just learned because most designers flood their work with whatever latest trick they've picked up. Furthermore, the mark of a good designer is knowing when, how and where to use those thing appropriately.

I usually test out new things on my own materials and websites, so I don't have to force a certain technique on someone when they don't need it. Sometimes I even create test pieces or pages just to see how implementation of these things works.

A few days ago, I discovered a cool new technique in Photoshop (see Cool Adobe Photoshop Trick! blog entry)for placing live text over an object and giving it a blended appearance, as if it belonged there. As I get ready for the Lazie Horse Publishing launch party, I'm assmebling giveaways, door prizes and other things. I've decided on a special Lazie Horse grab bag that uses our standard drawstring bag, but with the Lazie Horse Publishing logo imprinted on it.

Since the flyer is going out early next week, and only those who purchase VIP tickets to the event will get the grab bag, I want a picture of the bag to put on the flyer. I don't actually have the bag yet, so I can't just include a picture of it. This is where the cool new Photoshop trick comes in.

I took the Lazie Horse Publishing Logo:

Lazie Horse Publishing Logo

Then a picture of the bag from the supplier's website:

Drawstring Bag

And ended up with the Lazie Horse Publishing VIP Grab Bag!

Drawstring Bag

Although I wasn't using live text, but rather an eps file, the technique was the same. I had to add a color overlay and tweak the opacity settings to get the gold color to show up better. My Photoshop doesn't allow me to copy and paste channels for some reason. Perhaps that is something only available in the extended edition (used in the video - which I don't have), but the process worked just the same.