Beginning "The Dark Ones" Trailer

At Lazie Horse, we've just launched the publishing division and released our first title, The Dark Ones by Demetrius O. Davis. Although I should have had the trailer done beforehand, not having a huge team of experts on staff makes things run a little differently, so I'm just now able to sit down and work on the trailer.

I have a clear storyboard in my head on what it should look like, although I haven't put it out on paper like I did with the Four Words trailer (see previous blog entries: Four Words Trailer Complete!, Four Words - the scripts, and Four Words - storyboards and scripts, Cont.) With this one, I'm going with a totally differnt look and feel. The book is not a graphic novel, but the concepts and action scenes are on par with your epic comic book battle, so I'm going with a comic book appearance for the trailer. This is way outside my comfort zone, as I am a realist sort of illustrator and I typically don't do comic book or cartoon type illustrations at all. I'm also pushing the limits (again) of my capabilites with the software, so I'm scouring online tutorials for information that will help me build it.

Here is my laundry list of things I need to learn in order to accomplish this goal:

  • How to turn photographs into comic book style illustrations
  • How to create lightning
  • How to create rain

This list is fairly simplified, but you get the idea. In doing my research, I've started with weather tutorials.

I've found one here on how to do rain by Tom Green (a professor at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s School of Media Studies).

The next tutorial I found was one on how to do the lightning. This one is much more in depth, as it shows you how to take a dry daytime video clip and alter it to be dark and rainy with a man being struck by lightning. The techniques covered here are much more advanced video special effects type stuff, which I can definitely see implementing in the future. For now, I'll probably pick and choose a few of the steps out of this one to apply to the trailer. I'll also be watching more of these Video Copilot tutorials, as they seem to have quite an extensive selection and range. I could be a regular Robert Rodgriquez with this stuff.

So with tools in hand, I set forth to create my second book trailer. Stay tuned for progress!