Back in the swing or swinging in a new direction.

Again, as so often happens in the life of an artist the call of the rent and bills and daily obligations grind slowly and painfully to a halt. At that point, the artist feels trapped in a box with no way out. I will now attempt to break down the walls that are blocking my creativity and hope to help others do the same.

Here on my blog, I will be open and transparent about the projects I''m working on and I will open up the floor for a select group of artists in all mediums to do the same so tat we can encourage each other and push each other through those times of blockage and searching.

If you would be interested in being part of this group, please send an email to nancy@ catescreative dot com and list your artistic interests and what you'd like to gain out of the group.

This plan is very rough right now and as we gain members, we'll formulate something a little more tangible that can be explained.

Let's work together to achieve our full potential.