Four Words Trailer Complete!

After a little more tweaking in the timing and on the audio file, I've completed the trailer. This has turned out to be a very exciting project for me. I still have a great deal to learn about After Effects, but I think I've managed to make a good start.

The final trailer came in at 50 seconds. Some changes I made between the draft (see last blog entry) and the final (below):

  • Made the initial words come in a little later, so you see the road fade in for a bit then the words start appearing.
  • Moved the phone conversation audio to come in at the beginning of the "...raped" frames.
  • Overall, I shortened the time that the alley was visible, as it seemed like we had to stare at that too long.
  • I also added a graphic of the street sign she refers to that flashes over the alley at one point.
  • The eyes appear when they first mention Uncle O.
  • I replaced the second background audio track, and this seems to have fixed the problem of the sound chirps. I'm not sure if it just imported funny the first time, or if I actually did something wrong, but replacing it with a fresh copy of the loop has solved the problem.

So here it is! The Official Four Words Book Trailer...